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 “I am sorry for your girl, Ned. Truly….” [x]


“I am sorry for your girl, Ned. Truly….” [x]

Walk through the fire, your life is my scripture


The Baratheon

The Stark / The Lannister / The Tyrell

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What is your predicted ending for Asoiaf if you dont mind explaining in brief?


I have difficulty with “brief” but basically 

The Wall will fall at the end of TWOW, while the Red Keep will accidentally go up in a giant ball of wildfire as the various sides (Dany, (f)Aegon, Cersei, etc) try to control King’s Landing. (Nice ice/fire parallels, nice juxtaposition between the zombie war and the political war.) Humanity will be pushed back, all the way to the Trident. There’s probably very little food because the Greyjoys will have burned the Reach and the Westerlands, along with Oldtown and a lot of important documents on dragons and dragonglass and stuff that they keep there (Samwell Tarly’s mind is going to be very important). 

I think ASOIAF has four messiahs: Bran (acting as the Battle Commander) and Dany, Jon & Tyrion as the Three Heads of the Dragon, with Stannis acting as a commander of the majority of the forces on the ground.

Because Bran has the ability to transcend time and space (and he’s had that ability since book 1), he will occupy the metaphorical “high ground” of the battle against the ice zombies and he will be able to direct the battle from his command center in the cave. The cave will be under siege, and that unguarded back door to the cave is a thing everyone should be very worried about right now. 

The Three Heads will have to fly to the Curtain of Light in the Land of Always Winter, basically leaving Stannis alone, without backup, letting him feel abandoned like he did during the Siege of Storm’s End. (Paging somedeadman.) Stannis will fight “to the bitter end”, dying in the process.

All the three heads of the dragon are going to die. Dany, before she flies out, is going to swear to someone — Missandei, Jorah, the refugees from King’s Landing, idk — Dany is going to promise someone that she’s going to come back and take care of them all/make this right (basically a parallel to Rhaegar saying goodbye to Jaime at the end of the Rebellion), and once she gets up there, it’s going to be a Bruce-Willis-in-Armageddon situation, where she will be required to sacrifice herself for her people, out of her love for humanity — a betrayal for love. 

The Iron Throne is destroyed, underscoring GRRM’s point that war for a stupid metal chair is pointless. There is no more central government, the Seven Kingdoms break up into seven different kingdoms again, humanity has to rebuild civilization from the ruins. The epilogue is a Bran POV, with Bran guarding humanity against the newly imprisoned Great Other and looking into the future and seeing Winterfell rebuilt and stuff.

The more detailed version is here: /tagged/endgame/chrono

PS - Bloodraven is not evil

PPS - I think Tyrion is one of the three heads of the dragon, but Tyrion is not a Secret Targaryen. GRRM himself has said it is possible to be one of the three heads without being a Targ.

7 books/7 gods.


Seven gods, seven books…coincidence? I don’t think so.

First, let’s remember the escentials of every god and what they represent:

Divine justice, judges the soul of the dead
Mercy, peace, fertility, childbirth, “women’s strenght’
purity, love, beauty

Do you think Hizdar is the harpy? I think it is actually Skahaz mo Kanqaq


I don’t think Hizdar is the Harpy, actually I think there never was a ‘harpy.’

If you look at the killings the harpy commits, it is not random, they only killed people who committed crimes, like the ex-slavers who tried to take back what they lost by stealing etc. All of the killings are justified.

Let’s look at Hizdar, the only reason he is thought of as the harpy is 1) he gave 90 days of peace, which ended when Dany left, 2) the poisoned locusts, 3) he was openly unhappy about the pits being closed, so some motive, 4)Skahaz told Barristan he was.
1) the 90 days of peace were possibly not peaceful, the only real person who could influence that was the green grace, because she wanted Dany and Hizdar to make half Dragon half harpy kids to rule slavers bay. Dont forget the pale mare happened in these 90 days and the rider was killed by a poison arrow (peace broken), but it was covered up as with many the grace could have covered up.
2) Hizdar didn’t poison the locusts please, it was ovbiously the House of Phal (they were dishonoured by Strong Belwas taking a shit on their champion after killing him) they were aimed at Belwas, the poison was weak so others could try a few and wouldn’t die bla bla bla (See this for more: http://youtu.be/SOqNoDYwyqs )
3) he is very honest, he told Dany he wanted to be king for selfish reasons, he didn’t love her and more. This honesty is shown by him, if he were the Harpy why would he surround himself with ex-slaves who he likes.
4) Skahaz is untrustworthy, he had no real proof he is the harpy, he only wanted more power.

So i dont think there is a ‘harpy’ i think the group are just people who bring justice in Mereen where the Queen wouldn’t have been able to.

Infact, just watch the video it says everything!

When someone says Dany and Jon will end up together and live happily ever after.


When someone says Dany and Jon will end up together and live happily ever after.

Do you think Arya will ever get married?



Short answer? Yes.

The only reason in my mind that Arya would not get married at some point given what I know of her character, the series, and GRRM is if she died in ADoS. I’ve spoken why I think that won’t happen before. She is on my safe side for main POV characters’ livelihood. For the meta on the all the main POVs chances in my opinion see here, for more specifically about Arya (and Sansa really) see here.

So assuming Arya doesn’t die, yes, I foresee her getting married. She might not necessarily get married on page (like a future epilogue mention or GRRM confirming something,) but I think she will be.

There are several reasons why I think this.

I find that people have been very willingly ignorant of the idea of Arya and romance/marriage for a while- though it’s changed slightly since the Mercy chapter was released. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s rooted in the idea that a female character is considered somehow “less”- less kickass, less competent, less interesting- or whatever if she engages in romance. Some people don’t understand that romantic elements are just a part of life, growing up, and will not take over a story if handled well. The other reason is because some people like to overlook Arya’s actual characterization and make her some anti-marriage, anti-women, anti-feminine stereotype. 

Arya, however, has found men attractive before (see here,) never indicated she didn’t want to get married ever- even going so far as getting jealous of Sansa being escorted by the “handsome” prince in Winterfell (see here,) and has a relationship littered with romantic undertones with Gendry (see here). 

I remember I posted a meta months before the Mercy chapter came out called Arya and Beauty, Romance, and All Those Things We Don’t Focus On, which people treated like it was surprising. I purposely wrote also that I thought sexuality, romance, and interactions with men were going to become more frequent in TWoW because GRRM has been setting that up for a while. 

The thing is GRRM had plenty of indications that Arya was going to get involved in the romantic/sexual area for a while. She was getting lusted after as early as AGoT and was spending a lot of time in brothels. 

Moreover, Arya’s storyline is a coming of age one first a foremost (albeit, an atypical, traumatic one,) and romance is a big part of growing up from childhood to adulthood.

I don’t exactly understand why people overlooked this- maybe it just seemed insignificant in light of everything else going on- but it seemed to be happening, and the Mercy chapter confirms it. 

Now that I’ve covered why that makes sense for Arya as a character, I should point out that GRRM and the series up the likelihood a lot.

GRRM is a romantic, he places romance everywhere and talks in interviews about Beauty/Beast archetypes. Pretty much all his characters deal with it. And I don’t think I need to point out how sexual the series is. Why would Arya (his on record favorite female character and one of the first characters created and the female character with the most chapters) be left out of that? Even Bran (who’s younger) thinks that he’s in love with Meera. What major POV character really escapes this?

For crying out loud, Jon and Samwell joined as virgins to a order that demands celibacy and yet both of them have had serious love affairs (Ygritte and Gilly.)

There’s no reason to assume Arya won’t get married because GRRM treats her like she’s forty, explained that he’s not changing her ending/story just because she didn’t age up, and Arya the character gives us no reason to really expect otherwise.

And then there’s the fact that the ASoIaF makes this a staple in many ways. Every female POV besides Arya, Brienne, and Arianne has been married- and we know Arianne is a special case since she was supposed to be engaged to Viserys and Brienne’s long suitor history. Despite this, Arianne certainly has lovers and Brienne and Jaime are complicated. 

Not to mention that supposedly Arya (read: Jeyne Poole) is married and that Arya herself was engaged to Elmar Frey previously.

Just given the nature of the setting, the author, and the character, I assume that yes, Arya will get married at some point.